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I'm Quinny and I like games.

I've been hooked on video games for 25 years, with gamer and non-gamer friends in equal measure. I noticed that my non-gamer friends often sought me out for recommendations — flattering! Many of them only knew of gaming as far as standard FPS games, and wanted to know if there were different games that they would enjoy. When I went to give them more info, I found that many of the write-ups I gave to those friends were inaccessible in some way; too much jargon, not enough explanation, too many nudges for in-jokes my friends weren't in on.

I love games, and I want people who didn't grow up on games to love them too. This blog is for them, people like them, and you.

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Posted by violinsomnia on Sep 09, 2021

A lot of the time, video games make assumptions about what the player knows, or expects the player to intuitively understand a number of tropes specific to gameplay.

It is terribly refreshing to find a game that does not do that. At all.

My new post on Alexander Bruce's Antichamber: https://quinnylikes.games/antichamber/

Upcoming: the Glossary

Posted by violinsomnia on Aug 30, 2021

80 Days

Posted by violinsomnia on Aug 20, 2021

Mr. Fogg has made some absurd £20,000 bet with his buddies at the Reform Club that he can make it around the world in 80 Days. You are his intrepid valet, Passepartout, and your job is to make that happen ... somehow.

My newest post about inkle's interactive fiction game 80 Days: https://quinnylikes.games/80-days/

we're gettin' the band back together!

Posted by violinsomnia on Aug 20, 2021
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